De-icer Thrust – What Does it Mean?

September 3, 2021

The power behind de-icing units is called “thrust.” Learn what thrust is and why it makes a difference in preventing ice in our latest article.

Keep Your Dock or Marina Ice Free This Winter

July 14, 2021

Kasco’s de-icing expert, Andy Gillis, explains what can happen to a dock or slip in the water over winter.

Tips on Using Kasco De-Icers

November 27, 2017

From protecting docks, to keeping water open, here are common uses for Kasco de-icers along with our best advice on how to get the best results.

Keep Your Feathered Friends Safe

February 22, 2016

De-icing is not just for the protection of property like boats, piers, or docks. It’s also not just for winterkill prevention for the fish in your pond. De-icing can also be used to protect your feathered friends, like these swans. (photo courtesy of Iowa State Extension office). Using a Robust-Aire system to keep strategically located […]