Latest Case Studies

Kasco Case Study: The Most Efficient Surface Aerator for Your Pond

December 20, 2023

We embarked on a case study to determine how well our Kasco Surface Aerators improve water quality in shallow ponds. Read to find the results!

Knowing the Biology of this 88-Acre Lagoon Helped Design the Right Aeration System

April 5, 2023

In our latest case study, performed in partnership with Lake Tech, we studied the biology of the water in this 88-acre lagoon to help design the right diffused aeration system.

Delivering a Reliable Water Supply in All Weathers, Thanks to Active Mixing

March 23, 2023

Read how The Rye Water District worked with Kasco’s CertiSafe team to reduce ice build-up in their tanks leading to an array benefits.

Case Study: Clean Water in Searcy, Arkansas

August 1, 2022

Read how Searcy Water Utilies teamed up with Kasco to find the right active tank mixer that can reliably blend the naturally corrosive water.

Mixing Case Study on Water Quality in Storage Tanks

February 22, 2021

Read how Kasco teamed up with a water corporation in Indiana to test, evaluate and improve the quality of water in their storage tanks.

Case Study – Lower Basin Aeration

May 16, 2019

Lake Rosemound had poor water quality and aquatic weed issues, but our Robust-Aire systems quickly made significant improvements. Read the full case study.

Featured Install: Texas Detention Pond

November 14, 2018

With a combination of aeration, beneficial bacteria & dye, this Texas detention pond was effectively cleaned up.

Kasco de-Enteiser hilft bei der Wiederherstellung von Boots Liften

6. März 2017

After finding their boat lift frozen under 2 ft. of ice, Kasco’s 1/2HP de-icer opened up the water’s surface to retrieve the lift from the frozen lake.