Featured Install: AquatiClear in Norway

Some may ask, does AquatiClear really work? It can be hard to believe a product as easy to use as AquatiClear can have such dramatic and fast results, but it does. Don’t just take our word for it though. Check out this latest case study from a marina in Norway.

This marina has long had issues with summer algae growth. It not only detracts from the serene setting, but also smells bad and isn’t great for the looks of the boat hulls. This spring, 4 AquatiClear units were installed in this marina. Below you can see photos comparing May 11, 2021 to May 8, 2022. The only difference between these pictures is the installation of the AquatiClear units.

Norway AquatiClear
May 11, 2021

AquatiClear in Norway
May 8, 2022

According to our distributor and installer, Norway Marine Supply:

“The AquatiClear units were installed this spring and we noticed clearer water in just a few days with no more algae growth. We can now see much more of the natural bottom in the harbor. Our client has commented that it has been many years since they last saw such clean water in the harbor.

The AquatiClear units tear up and push away any of the algae and debris in the water significantly more effective than the older version of the circulator. It required almost no maintenance. What little algae growth occurs from the bottom is quickly loosened, dies, and is pushed away by the AquatiClear units. The AquatiClear is still not clogging up after more than a month of operation. We are excited to offer this product line to more clients here in Scandinavia!”

For more information on AquatiClear by Kasco, please email us or call 715-262-4488.


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