Cinco consejos para el cuidado de la fuente

By: Kasco Staff | Originally Posted: September 21, 2016 | Updated: April 6, 2023


A fountain can be a delightful addition on your residential or commercial property. When taken care of properly, this attractive new addition can provide many years of aesthetic beauty and intrigue. We understand that many are first time owners and may not be fully aware of the steps you can take to ensure a long lifespan of your fountain.

Here are five fountain care practices you can follow to keep your unit performing its best all year long. You can download and print this checklist to keep track of your maintenance efforts.

1.) Clean your unit

This step is often considered with the best of intentions but with the busy nature of your schedule, can be easily overlooked.

  • Power spray/pressure wash your unit thoroughly every two months. If you don’t own a pressure washer use a sturdy, plastic bristle brush and your garden hose.
  • Check for debris around the shaft and in the screens of the unit. Some common debris that gets caught up in a unit is fishing line, plastic, etc. To stay proactive on this step, collect trash around the area where the unit is in use (such as your pond.)
  • Control any vegetation and weed build up before putting your unit in for use.

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2.) Check sacrificial anode regularly

Your sacrificial anode attracts corrosive properties to it which, as a result, protects the stainless steel parts of your unit from said properties. It is ideal to check the anode every 2 – 3 months. We recommend that you replace the anode every year or sooner if it is more than 50% depleted or white in color. It’s easy to replace!

3.) Check for damage/handle unit with care

Although durable, fountains maintain peak performance only when they are handled with the upmost care.

  • Be careful not to dent the can or jar wires out of place.
  • Try to refrain from turning the unit on and off frequently. This can generate friction that may not knock your unit out but will put unnecessary strain on it.
  • Also, store it upside down when not in use. That will direct the oil flow upwards, oiling the seals and keeping them properly lubricated.

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4.) Routine maintenance every three years

To maintain optimal performance, be sure to follow the maintenance guidelines of your unit. It is also a good idea familiarize yourself with your new fountain. We don’t expect you to become a fountain expert but getting to know your unit and its warranty will help you assist us or a maintenance professional as we try to troubleshoot any complications that may arise.

5.) Regularly test your ground fault

This will ensure safety around the unit. Hit the test button in the breaker, and be sure to reset when you are done. This should be done every two months.

Following these steps to care for your fountain will ensure a longer lifespan for your unit. For further maintenance help, contact us at (715) 262-4488 or


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