What is D.O. & Why You Should Care

March 27, 2020

D.O. (dissolved oxygen) is the amount of oxygen in water, and is a direct indicator of your water’s health. Learn more about this critical pond ingredient.

3 tipos de plantas acuáticas para observar esta primavera

10 de mayo, 2017

Aquatic plants will continue to grow in your pond as the temperatures rise. Read about the most common types and how to manage them.

Fundamentos del oxígeno disuelto

10 de febrero, 2016

The ability of water to absorb and hold oxygen is vital to pond health and the health of your fish and other pond inhabitants.

Selección de la especie adecuada

10 de febrero, 2016

Freshwater fish are typically split into 3 categories; Cold-water, warm-water, and cool-water. Read more to find the right species of fish that will thrive in your type of pond and geographic area.