AquatiClear Mounting Options & Installation Tips

Proper Installation Leads to Better Performance

At Kasco, we understand that no two installations are the same. Waterfront environments and structures can vary greatly, even on the same lake, river, canal, or marina. The AquatiClear Circulator provides superior, hassle-free performance, quickly and reliably clearing away floating debris, weeds, and algae from the area around your waterfront property. Proper installation is key to achieving desired results.

To meet unique needs, Kasco offers two mounting options that allow you to angle the AquatiClear Circulator in the water: our Horizontal Float Kit and Universal Mount Kit. Each mount securely positions the AquatiClear below the surface and allows you to set the direction of the water’s flow.

Mounting Options


The Horizontal Mount positions AquatiClear at the water’s surface, using three mooring ropes to secure the float and circulator from the shore. Newly designed brackets and tie-down loops make assembly and installation easier than ever. Choose from three angles of orientation to direct the flow of water.



The Universal Mount with Simple Swivel securely mounts AquatiClear units to structures such as docks and pilings. The new Simple Swivel handle makes it to adjust the angle, depth, and rotation of the unit in the water.


Installation Tips & Advice


While installing an AquatiClear Circulator at greater depth, such as 8 feet, is still powerful enough to address the floating materials at the surface, the area of influence may be significantly less than if it were to be installed a shorter distance from the surface, such as 2-3 feet deep. Conversely, installing the unit too close to the surface (less than 18 inches) may create an whirlpool at the surface, which can cause unwanted noise. For these types of installations, we offer a Shallow Water Install Kit that allows AquatiClear to be installed 12 inches from the surface while preventing any possible whirlpool from forming. In ideal installations, you should see, and possibly hear, a slight ripple at the surface some distance from the circulator.

It is also important to take into account the distance AquatiClear is placed from the bottom of your pond or lake. Positioning the unit too close to the bottom can move the sediment. Groups like the DNR may view this as dredging which is illegal in some states. Kasco recommends installing 1/2HP units at least 12 inches from the bottom and 3/4HP and 1HP units at least 24 inches from the bottom to avoid disturbing the bottom sediment.


The horizontal position of an AquatiClear Circulator mounted on a float kit is fixed, so all you need to do is determine the vertical angle that works best for your application. For units secured using a Universal Mount Kit, we recommend angling the unit to point either perfectly straight ahead in the water or slightly upward toward the surface. The Simple Swivel included with this kit allows easy rotation of the unit for even more options in directing the flow.

Go with the Flow

Some trial and error may be necessary to find the right location and angle for your AquatiClear Circulator. Don’t be afraid to turn the unit off, unplug from power, and try moving it to another location or positioning it at a different angle in the water.

The ideal installation will be deep enough to avoid ventilation at the surface and far enough from the bottom to avoid moving sediment. Check your local regulations for guidelines and restrictions around bottom disturbance.

Learn more about AquatiClear Circulators by visiting its webpage, or find your closest Kasco dealer online.


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