RGB Lighting offre un nouveau niveau de personnalisation

By: Kasco Staff | Dec. 29, 2016

RGB Lighting Customization

Kasco Marine, a leading manufacturer of aeration, fountain, de-icing and water-mixing solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of the RGB LED lighting packages for their industry-leading fountains and aerators.

“The RGB light kits will be a nice addition to our product line,” added Bob Robinson, Sales and Marketing Director at Kasco. “We are excited to offer yet another option of customization for our customers while staying true to the product quality they expect from Kasco.”

Known for their beautiful, serene fountains and aeration systems, Kasco has added a product that will further continue that trend of pond and lake beautification. WaterGlow RGB LED Lighting is the ultimate decorative and event fountain lighting, specifically used in conjunction with JF and VFX Fountain systems.


With the capacity to create nine different colors, this remote control operated unit is the most convenient lighting package on the market. There is no need to change lenses and the ability to customize the color of your fountain spray pattern is now in the palm of your hands. Also, the RGB kits allow the user to adjust brightness levels, has three sequencing patterns, and can be coupled with any music playing device. This affords the user the ability to set the RGB light sequencing to the rhythm of the music.

Available in a three or six fixture kit, the color-changing RGB Lighting is built with a one-piece composite housing and a secure weld around the lens to ensure a leak free assembly.

Kasco continues to ensure all products are affordable and economical to run, as the RGB’s consume only 5 watts per fixture. This is an added incentive to those who may be looking to purchase a fountain or a light kit for an existing fountain. The RGB Lighting is currently available and ready to ship. To learn more about this exciting new product, email support@kascomarine.com, or call (715) 262-4488.

Visit the RGB LED WaterGlow lighting webpage.