Transform Standing Water Into Outstanding Water

Movement is Crucial to Your Water’s Health

Transform Standing Water

Movement is vital to health: in life, business, and in water. Stagnation creates problems, and it can quickly become very difficult to turn the tide. Circulating your water with AquatiClear by Kasco can restore its health and vitality, above and below the surface.

Benefits of Moving Water

Movement, or circulation, directly influences the health of water near shorelines, docks, boats, and marinas. These areas can quickly fill up with floating weeds, algae, and trash, which leads to unwanted clusters of debris and unpleasant odors.

Circulating water provides countless benefits to your shorefront areas, including:

  • An even distribution of oxygen and temperature to improve overall water quality
  • Dispersal of organic build-up to prevent foul odors
  • Limits reproduction of mosquitoes and other unwanted aquatic pests at the surface
  • Pushes away floating plants, grass clippings, leaves, and pollen that collect at waterfront areas
  • Pushes out toxic blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria) that thrives in nutrient-rich stagnant areas

Benefits of Moving Water

How to Get Water Moving

Natural forces that move water, like wind and wave action, can be unpredictable. Circulators move water consistently, efficiently, and intentionally.

AquatiClear by Kasco is a brand-new, revolutionary water circulator that creates reliable and powerful water movement. Easily installed beneath the surface with a Horizontal Float Kit or Universal Mount Kit, AquatiClear works within seconds to start circulating your water, disrupting stagnation and cleaning up unsightly areas. Unlike similar products that are prone to clogging, the AquatiClear’s prop guard with independent rounded tines ensures that debris slips right by. This means the equipment works continuously without the need for constant cleaning.

Aquaticlear Florida

Movement is key to maintaining healthy and inviting shorelines, and nothing moves water more reliably than AquatiClear by Kasco. Its power and performance are unmatched, and its patented prop guard ensures reliable operation without the maintenance issues that create downtime for other equipment.

When it comes to keeping your water moving and creating a healthy aquatic environment both above and below the surface, trust AquatiClear by Kasco to turn your standing water into outstanding water!

Learn more about AquatiClear Circulators by visiting its webpage, or find your closest Kasco dealer online.