Pourquoi le dosage des bactéries est-il si critique?

By: Kasco Staff | Originally Posted: Dec. 30, 2013 | Updated: Feb. 28, 2022

Not all bacteria products have the same number of actual bacteria dosage per gram of product. Kasco’s Pond Probiotics have over 3 billion CFU’s of bacteria per gram of product which can be up to 6 times more than other competitors. This is vitally important for multiple reasons.

More Dosage Equals More Work

First, the more dosage of actual bacteria you have, the more “work” those bacteria can get done in your pond. Like the saying goes, “many hands make light work”, and the same holds true with bacteria.

Practical Guide on Pond Sludge

Rapid Expansion

Second, is the biological aspect of the process. In proper conditions, the bacteria count doubles every 15 minutes or so. This exponential growth allows the bacteria to aggressively attack the organic matter in your pond. Additionally, the rapid expansion of bacteria is critical because at the very same time, organisms are growing and expanding just as fast to eat the bacteria.

Kukje Pond Before and After

Organisms Vs. Bacteria

There is a constant “biological war” happening on the bottom of your pond. Time is essential during this period. The organisms will eventually consume and overcome the bacteria. However, the more bacteria you have the longer it will take for the organisms to take over. By starting with more CFU’s, the bacteria counts can quickly expand which means they can accomplish more decomposition in the limited time they have.

When you under-dose or use products with fewer CFU’s, you do not get as much decomposition as you normally would. Furthermore, the bacteria have less time to get work done because they do not have near the exponential growth that you would have Pond Probiotics.


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