Below are individual specification sheets for Kasco equipment. Each sheet has technical specifications for that piece of equipment and is very useful for specifying and bidding on aeration projects.

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VFX aération fontaines
2400VFX – 1/2HP
3400VFX – 3/4HP
3400HVFX – 3/4HP
4400VFX – 1HP
4400HVFX – 1HP
8400VFX – 2HP
2.3VFX – 2HP, 3 Phase
5.1VFX – 5HP, Single Phase
5.3VFX – 5HP, 3 Phase

Série J fontaines décoratives
3400JF – 3/4HP
3400HJF – 3/4HP
4400JF – 1HP
4400HJF – 1HP
8400JF – 2HP
2.3JF – 2HP, 3 Phase
2.3HJF – 2HP, 3 Phase
3.1JF – 3HP
3.3JF – 3HP, 3 Phase
3.3HJF – 3HP, 3 Phase
5.1JF – 5HP
5.3JF – 5HP, 3 Phase
5.3HJF – 5HP, 3 Phase
7.3JF – 7HP, 3 Phase
7.3HJF – 7HP, 3 Phase
1400JF – 1/4HP – Discontinued

2400C – 1/2HP
3400C – 3/4HP
3400HC – 3/4HP
4400C – 1HP
4400HC – 1HP
2400CF – Circulator – Discontinued Model
3400CF – Circulator – Discontinued Model
3400HCF – Circulator – Discontinued Model
4400CF – Circulator – Discontinued Model
4400HCF – Circulator – Discontinued Model
8400CID – Circulator – Discontinued Model
2.3CID – Circulator – Discontinued Model

Aérateurs de surface
2400AF – 1/2HP
3400AF – 3/4HP
3400HAF – 3/4HP
4400AF – 1HP
4400HAF – 1HP
8400AF – 2HP
2.3AF – 2HP, 3 Phase
2.3HAF – 2HP, 3 Phase
3.1AF – 3HP
3.3AF – 3HP, 3 Phase
3.3HAF – 3HP, 3 Phase
5.1AF – 5HP
5.3AF – 5HP, 3 Phase
5.3HAF – 5HP, 3 Phase

2400D – 1/2HP
3400D – 3/4HP
3400HD – 3/4HP
4400D – 1HP
4400HD – 1HP

Industrial De-icers
4400DGEN – 1HP
4400HDGEN – 1HP
8400AGEN – 2HP

RobustAire Diffused Aeration
RobustAire Diffused Aeration No-Cabinet System
RobustAire Diffused Aeration Post Mount System
RobustAire Diffused Aeration Base Mount System
RobustAire Diffused Aeration Medium Cabinet System
RobustAire Diffused Aeration Large Cabinet System

Modules d'éclairage
Composite LED
Stainless Steel LED
Bronze Lighting Packages for 1/2HP to 2HP Aerating Fountains – Discontinued

Solar Quick Spec
Solar Panel Specs

Panneaux de commande
Unités de commande Fountain et aérateur monophasées
CertiSafe™ Control Panel (CS-100, 120V & CS-200, 208-240V)
CertiSafe™ Control Panel (CS-150, 120V & CS-250, 208-240V)

CertiSafe Active Mixer & Mounting Options
CertiSafe Mixer Product Sheet
CertiSafe Floor Mount (RM-100) Product Sheet
CertiSafe Floor Mount (RM-150) Product Sheet
CertiSafe Suspended Mount Product Sheet
CertiSafe Pipe Mount Product Sheet

HydraForce Lift Station Agitators
HydraForce Lift Station Agitator Post Mount Cut Sheet
HydraForce Lift Station Agitator No-Cabinet Cut Sheet

50Hz série J fontaines décoratives (EJF)
Small EJF – 1/2HP & 3/4HP
Medium EJF – 1HP, 2HP & 3HP
Large EJF – 5HP

50Hz VFX Series Aerating Fountains (EVFX)
Small EVFX – 1/2HP, 3/4HP & 1HP
Large EVFX – 3HP

50Hz AF Series Pond Aerators (EAF)
Small EAF – 1/2HP, 3/4HP & 1HP
Large EAF – 2HP & 3HP

50 Hz Lighting Packages
Composite LED

50Hz AquatiClear (EC) & De-icers (ED)
EC – 1/2HP & 3/4HP
ED – 1/2HP, 3/4HP & 1HP

CSI Specifications
RGBW Master CSI Specification
Diffuser Master CSI Specification
Robust-Aire Medium and Large Cabinet Master CSI Specification
Floating Mechanical Aerator Master CSI Specification
Circulator Master CSI Specification
De-icer Master CSI Specification
Floating Fountain Master CSI Specification
Potable Tank Mixer CSI Specification
In-Tank Potable Water Aerator CSI Specification